Chairman's Update

On the disappointing side, you may have heard that CSF was sued by ASAP in district court in Texas, falsely accusing CSF of stealing its membership database. I assure you, nothing was further from the truth. The CSF database is primarily made up of family and friends, like many of you, in addition to people who have requested to be part of our organization.

In July, ASAP filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent CSF from using our own database, and the motion was denied on every conceivable basis by the Judge. Subsequently, an independent third party conducted a detailed comparison of the two databases, which revealed that the CSF database contains merely 2.75% of the ASAP database. Of course, an overlap between the databases is to be expected, since some of you came to us from ASAP, or have asked to be part of both organizations. Interestingly, we even had some members of ASAP's staff register to be part of our database.

CSF is very pleased to report to you that once the facts became clear, ASAP voluntarily sought dismissal of the lawsuit, and the order was signed by the Judge on October 27, 2008 to terminate the suit. We have waited until now to update you on this matter because the CSF Board of Directors and its Board of Trustees have always believed it was best to take the high road, and we did our best to deal with this situation professionally and with dignity. CSF cannot control what other organizations do and believe.

The real shame of all this is that both organizations were forced to waste valuable time, and more importantly, financial resources on this baseless lawsuit. That was ASAP's choice, and unfortunately, CSF had no choice but to defend itself. While any amount of money spent on a petty lawsuit such as this is wasteful, we were fortunate to have as our attorneys in Texas, the law firm of Scott, Douglass & McConnico, L.L.P., who provided us with excellent representation and advice for a very reasonable fee. My firm, The Farrell Law Firm, P.C., also contributed to defending CSF free of charge.

With this nuisance behind us, we can now focus on the goals we have set for 2009 and beyond. We appreciate your support and encouragement as we move forward, and look forward to seeing you at many of our upcoming events.


Paul J. Farrell
Chairman and Founding Member

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Order Denying Preliminary Injunction
Order of Dismissal

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