2014 CSF Research Colloquium

Co-morbidities that complicate and confound the treatment of chiari


The 2014 CSF Research Colloquium was held in Boston, MA on October 18, 2014 to discuss the various (and sometimes controversial) conditions that can confound/complicate the diagnosis and treatment of Chiari malformation.

You can view the lectures given at this colloquium by clicking their respective links below.

*The views and opinions expressed by the participants in this Colloqium are their own, based upon their individual specific experiences or their general observations reacting to hypothetical circumstances. The views expressed and the statements made by participating physicians do not represent specific medical advice nor do they represent any official policy or position taken by CSF.

View the 2014 Colloquium Booklet .

Opening Remarks - Dr. Ulrich Batzdorf

Acute and Chronic Trauma at the Craniocervical Junction - Dr. Donlin Long

"The Sarah Syndrome" - Dr. Harold Rekate

Complications of Chiari - Dr. Yong Liu

The Complex Chiari Malformation - Dr. Douglas Brockmeyer

Chiari Malformation in the Context of CSF Disorders - Dr. Mark Luciano

Chiari Malformation & Hereditary Disorders of Connective Tissue: Genetics, Diagnosis and Epidemiology - Dr. Allison Ashley-Koch

Orthostatic Intolerance in the Setting of Chiari - Dr. Peter Rowe

The Discordant Report: Pathological Radiological Findings vs. "Normal" Findings - Dr. Myles Koby

Beyond Chiari Malformation: Treating Chiari in Dogs - Dr. Dominic Marino

Various Forms of Craniocervical Stabilzation - Dr. Paolo Bolognese

Pseudotumor Cerebri & Other Syndromes of Intracranial Hypertension - Dr. Daniele Rigamonti

Tethered Cord Syndrome in the Chiari Patient - Dr. Petra Klinge

Physical Therapy After Chiari Surgery with Co-Morbid Conditions - Dr. Michael Healy

Venous Anomalies Common in Arnold Chiari Malformation - Dr. Adnan Qureshi

DNA Testing to Assess Altered Drug Metabolism - Dan Doherty

Review: The 2013 CSF Research Colloquium & Consensus Statement - Dr. Fraser Henderson

Open Discussion

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