Crush Chiari, Smash SM & Squash EDS


It's super easy to Crush Chiari , Smash SM and Squash EDS ! Visit the fundraising website to register and participate right now!

Then, start collecting change from your purse, couch, friends, co-workers, family and anyone else who you might hear jingling as they walk by. You can also have your biggest supporters donate on your behalf online with a credit card or check! All you have to do is get collecting and convert all your change into one check by the end date. If you need help, contact Cathy to get started!



Want to help raise important funds for programs and research that benefit people living with Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders -- but don't have a lot of time or money? Maybe you want to help but you aren't sure how?

kfc-image.png Amber W. of Bakersfield, Cali. hosted a Crush Chiari through her local Kern County KFCs

CSF wants to partner with you to CRUSH CHIARI , SMASH SYRINGOMYELIA and SQUASH EDS ! It will be fun, easy, and helpful to achieve the goal of totally crushing and smashing these disorders. All you need is commitment to a little "change"...

How to get started:

1. REGISTER ONLINE . There are no teams. (PAST EVENT-- LINK FOR 2018 TBA)

2. To make your own CRUSH CHIARI/SMASH SM/SQUASH EDS container, download and print your labels:

3. Collect all the chang e you can during the month of September. Convert the change you’ve collected to a check (personal or cashier's) and mail to CSF, 29 Crest Loop, Staten Island, NY 10312. Be sure to include your name (the one you registered with). We will add your donations to your personal page and you can watch your totals grow!

4. You’re not limited to collecting change, however! For those who would like to donate online to the campaign, family and friends can do so through your personal fundraising page on the website.

5. The fundraising site will be open from August 24th through September 30th . CSF must receive all donations by October 10th . (PAST EVENT-- 2018 DETAILS TBA)

6. The top three Crushers , Smashers and Squashers will win have their choice to receive a secret CSF prize. (Note: these top three will have to raise at least $500 to qualify for the secret prize.)

All participants who raise at least $250 will receive a CSF gift!

7. Get your schools and work places involved! Get out there and collect that loose change to bring on some "change" of your own!

Got any questions? Contact us !

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